Saverio Stassi

Chef Consultant

Saverio Stassi, sees the world of gastronomy as an art. Born in 1977 in Venezuela, South America this art interested him so much that he applied to a cooking course on Chinese Food, given by Ana María Secador from the Chinese Cultural Center. And so began his life dedicated to the culinary world. In 1997 Stassi worked at the Emeritus restaurant in Venezuela, where Don Jean François gave him his first opportunity to discover the depth of the art of cooking. In 1999 he won first place in the cooking competition "Meilleur Jeune Rotisseur Commission." With this victory, Venezuela could be represented in the final contest of the "Internationale du Concours Meilleur Jeune de Commission". 

After, Stassi decided to work in France in a variety of restaurants such as Le Menestrels, Le Desirier, Pavillon Le Quere, and the Rostang Michelle. With the experience he gained while working in French kitchens, Stassi returned to Venezuela to become the executive chef at Restaurante Teconte. 

In a quest for even more knowledge, he decided to move to San Francisco to master Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish and Latin American culinary influences at the Culinary Institute of America. After his studies at the CIA Stassi traveled to Bresia, Italy to the Castialimenti School to study Creative Culinary Arts, desserts and traditional pastry.

In 2020, The Mad Butcher consulted with him to design their concept of elevated gourmet sandwiches from around of the world. These sandwich creations display his culinary style, via his well studied passion of the gastronomic world.